• Trent Morrison

M4M10: 10 Questions You Shouldn't Ask LGBTQ+ Folks (Season Finale)

THE SEASON 1 FINALE OF OUR LIL' GAY PODCAST Y'ALL!! We had the cutest little kiki together to wrap-up season 1 of the Masc4Masc podcast. AND don't worry this isn't goodbye, it's just see ya later ;)

We go over 10 questions you shouldn't ask LGBTQ people and give a few alternatives, we *of course* play a little game that's TOO funny, and we say some goodbyes!

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See ya in June, kweenz!

Go deeper

  1. How/when did you come out?! (Brené Brown's definition of trust)

  2. Who's the man in the relationship? 🤦

  3. Who's going to be the mom when you have kids? 👀

  4. Since you like girls, do you hate men?

  5. OMG! Do you want to date my other gay friend!?? 👯

  6. Why isn't there a straight pride parade? (listen to this episode to learn the history!)

  7. Why are all the hot ones gay!?! 😡

  8. But you used to date women... 🤔

  9. We should go shopping!! Can we have a girls night?! 🙅

  10. Have you ever had *real* sex? 😒

Gayyymes: Thirsty Thursday

Fuck, Marry, Fuck a few times and never call him back again (aka ghost)

  • Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Gus Kentworthy

  • Macaulay Culkin, Haley Joel Osment, Jaleel White

  • Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio

  • Harrison Ford, Robert De Niro, Christopher Lloyd

  • Joey, Chandler, Ross

Our favorite quotes of the episode

“No more sweet nectar for him!!” —Trent
“...and trust me, I look better than you!” —Chris