• Trent Morrison

M4M14: How to be an Ally!

Pride month is over and we're DEVASTATED!!! *Luckily,* pride is a 24/7, 365 kind of gig! We've got a super kewt episode on our gay podcast for y'all. It's all about how to be an ally. We serve you allyship tips, we serve you gaymes, and we serve you lots and lots of laughs.

*queue bootylicious by destiny's child* Can you handle this?

Go deeper

Gaymes: would you rather?

  • Accidentally dirty text boss OR send sexy voicemail to your mom?

  • Be caught having sex in a museum OR a high school locker room?

  • Have foreplay with hot wax OR foreplay with ice cubes?

  • Be a contestant on the bachelor OR be the bachelor?

  • Not ever have pizza again OR uncontrollably cum every 30mins?

  • Know when someone has an erection OR has to poop?

Things we want to plug

Our favorite quote of the episode

“No homo! His dick was just in butt” —Trent
"Coach! My ankle hurts... a little bit higher" —Chris