• Trent Morrison

The best LGBTQ+ podcasts I'm listening to right now.

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

If you're anything like me, you're on the constant prowl to find a new podcast. It should be no surprise, given the fact that I host a gay podcast, but I've been on a bender for LGBT podcasts lately. SO, I've put together the list you've been looking for and I basically did all the hard work for you so you can jump right into some of the best lgbt podcasts. OBVIOUSLY y'all should be listening to Masc4Masc (the podcast I host with my bestie, Chris). Once you're caught up on our podcast you can hop over to this top 8 podcast list.

Check out this list of 8 gay podcasts your ears need today!

#1 Throwing Shade

Erin Gibson & Bryan Safi take a fresh approach to women’s rights and LGBT+ rights while sprinkling in pop culture, vulgarity, and endless humor. Whether it’s hilarious commercials or it’s a fresh take on what’s happening in the world, this podcast is right for the political aficionado who needs a little laugh during these trying times.

#2 The Read

Bloggers by trade, Kid Fury and Crissle give a weekly read of hip hop & pop culture stars/celebrities. ALL the life is given during these episodes without restraint. Kid Fury and Crissle spill the tea like there’s no tomorrow--they are real and don’t hold back. This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate blackness while laughing their ass off.

  • Category: Culture & Comedy

  • Favorite episode: I Ain’t Sorry (6:58, specifically)

  • Average length: ~2hrs

#3 What's the Tee?

True to RuPaul fashion, he and Michelle Visage bring on guests and have a gay ol’ time. Each episode is a celebration of their guest, a behind-the-scenes listen into RuPaul’s Drag Race, and lots of laughs. This podcast is perfect for RuPaul/drag race fans.

#4 Inside the Closet

Emma Willmann and Matteo Lane are two queer comedians who share their experiences of being gay comics in mainstream culture. With such different perspectives, Emma & Matteo have amazing chemistry and make you laugh until you cry. Matteo does an amazing Liza Minnelli impression and Emma’s stories about dating will have you rolling. This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants a true, comedian approach to podcasting.

#5 Making Gay History

If you don’t ugly cry while listening to this podcast by Eric Marcus, I don’t know if I can trust you. Eric revisits his archive of interviews with folx who influenced gay history. From love to heartbreak to LGBT pioneers and change-makers, this podcast tells intimate and personal stories. This podcast is perfect for anyone looking to expand their list of LGBT heroes and champions.

#6 Gayish

Mike and Kyle dive into all things gay and how they fit--or don’t fit--into some of these stereotypes. Their banter, humor, and real-talk will keep you engaged throughout the whole episode. This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to grab a glass of rose and cackle along.

#7 Homoground

This is a musichead’s dream come true. Homoground is a podcast that focuses, exclusively, on up-and-coming, non-mainstream, queer bands/musicians. From just about every genre, this podcast is a great starting point if you want some new, queer music in your ears. This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves supporting and listening to queer music.

  • Category: Audio/Music

  • Favorite episode: Wild Skin Mixtape

  • Average length: ~1hr

#8 Conversations with Others

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has created a space for meaningful, funny, and special conversations. JBC interviews folx who fall into the “other” category--the odd ones out. Each episode they talk through life stories, memories, and give amazing takeaways during the episode. This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves personal stories.