• Trent Morrison

M4M15: March On!

Grab some tissues, grab a notebook, or grab a drink because this episode is a little bit of every emotion. We're putting y'all *thrrrrough* it. We're trying something a little different for this episode and introducing our Queero (queer hero) segments/episodes. In these little hookup moment episodes, we'll share the story of a Queero.

Our first Queero, Connell O'Donovan, shares his story about the first few pride marches in Utah... that he planned! Connell tells us a handful of other great stories, perspectives, and advice. When he's not kiki-ing with Masc4Masc, he is a professional genealogist, historian, biographer, and queer rights activist living in Salt Lake City. Needless to say, you don't want to miss this episode.

A *HUGE* thank you to Connell O'Donovan for taking the time to record with us and share his beautiful stories.

Here are some pictures from the June 1991 pride in Murray Park, Utah. A small group of Nazis showed up. In the first picture, Connell has a red heart drawn on him! The Nazis are to the left of Queer Nation. The group created a semi-circle around them and turned their backs while raising their hands in ASL "I Love You!"

Things we want to plug

Our favorite quote of the episode

“It was all about love and fuck the haters behind us!” —Connell O'Donovan