• Trent Morrison

M4M16: Daddy Issues

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin this episode of our cute lil' gay podcast, we are serving up some major Demi Lovato vibes with our daddy issues. We'll have a little chat about some daddies/zaddies, name some celebs who don't mind the gap when it comes to dating, and *of course* play gaYmes--this week it's Musical Moments!!

Strap it on and strap it in, queerios! Y'all don't want to miss this one.

PS: Should we make 'Peen Girls' shirts?!!? Let. Us. Know. On. Insta.

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Gayyymes: Musical Moments

If you're a theatre queen like us, a fun little gayme you can play is having your friends

  • "Oh What a Circus" from Evita

  • "Easy Street" from Annie

  • "More than Survive" from Be More Chill

  • "On the Steps of the Palace" from Into the Woods

Things we want to plug

Our favorite quotes of the episode

“How hot is Chris? 5-star is the only option!” —Trent
“I'm a blooming nature daddy” —Chris