• Trent Morrison

M4M1: Dick Pics & Politics

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

A funny, casual podcast hosted by Chris Glaittli & Trent Morrison with new episodes every Thursday. We talk about why we're doing this podcast, Chris' secret love for BABE Lincoln, Trent's dream of a matriarchal society, our thoughts on unsolicited dick pics, and soooo much more!

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Gayyyymes! Fuck, marry, fuck a few couple times and never call again

  • Orlando Bloom (as Legolas), Blake Shelton, Chip Gaines

  • Fitzgerald Grant (Scandal), Jimmy Fallon, Ricky Martin

Our YAS moments

  • Trent: Sober Dance Parties

  • Chris: Dance Parties with Your Friends

Our favorite quotes of the episode

“You Orange Cheeto Demon!” —Trent
“Morning wood is a real thing!” —Chris